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Oh sweet Autumn how do I love thee? The low light, the crisp air and the hearty, earthy food to comfort you as the nights draw in – heaven! Enjoy this lovely recipe for a mushroom, spinach and aged cheddar frittata with fried sage from the creative Food Fox on our weekly column for the Pretty Blog.

A second little miracle is on the way for this special family! The winds blew our shoot short, but they worked their magic as well! :-D

What a beautiful opportunity to be able to have your two precious daughters at your wedding! Alexia and Craig celebrated the start of their marriage along with their gorgeous girls, happy families and special friends at beautiful Rockhaven here in Elgin. Alexia is just the loveliest loveliest girl, so easy, so happy and with a smile that never ends! She took the whole day (even small hiccups!) in her stylish stride and had a party to remember with the love of her life! A great day to start a great future… Assisted by the lovely Tanith Muller

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All manner of good things for pre-lunch nibbles in one little, perfect package :-D Yum!!! Find the Food Fox’s super recipe here on the wonderful Pretty Blog

I have such a place in my heart for the Wellington mountains and these two… Jacqui and Pat’s sneak peek from their amazing wedding last weekend!

The buzz, busyness, grapes, sounds, pumps, barrels, ballings, winemakers and interns at Gabrielskloof winery over this harvest.

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The speeches at Tanya and Mark’s wedding made me laugh to tears and gave me such a good glimpse into this fun, happy, adventurous couple’s lives! They’ve taken on so much together and managed to plan this whole beautiful day from overseas with the fantastic guidance and hands-on creative help of Cara from The Mosaic Wedding Company! I can imagine even getting so many lovely family members and friends out from overseas must have been a challenge in itself, but I get the feeling these two are a match for anything!! What a gorgeous day it turned out to be – my first wedding at Molenvliet in Stellenbosch and my first time almost bumping into a wild pig and her babies while I was scouting for the couple shoot! Hahaa! What a day :-D Tanya and Mark, I loved every minute and am so grateful for the chance to spend this time capturing you both as you embark on the next big adventure!

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I must admit that I’d never tasted white anchovies before the Food Fox Ilse made this amazing salad. I’m all behind the salty, zingy, red anchovy awesomeness that we all love on pizzas and in bagna cauda but the white ones had simply never crossed my path. What a revelation!! So much more delicate and fresh that the red ones – a completely different ingredient basically! Well I’m pretty much hooked now and bought a whole lot from the Wild Peacock in Stellenbosch which we’ve finished already – nyumms!! Do give them a try from the Food Fox’s super recipe which you’ll find here on the inspiring Pretty Blog’s weekly food column! What a legendary autumn salad!

The ENTIRE week before Lindsey and Lloyd’s wedding was spent on weather websites working out our chances for a dry couple shoot – the odds didn’t look good, but Lindsey didn’t let a thing get her down and those positive vibes must have done their work because the rain stayed away until the last minute of our time outside and then bucketed down for the rest of the evening! Great work lovely Lindsey!!

Some earthy pinks and metallic blues for a few lovely Pantone inspired recipes from the Food Fox. Find more details here on our weekly food column for the wonderful Pretty Blog.

It’s no mean feat planning an entire wedding in South Africa all the way from the Netherlands! Daniella wanted to get married in her home country with family and friends all close, and I’m sure the sun-drenched views over the ocean from the 12 Apostles made it an easy decision for Dieter :-D They braved some serious coastal Cape winds to celebrate along the shores of the Atlantic and start their life together… So much love… Assisted by the wonderful Illyan Cloete and fantastic second shooter Angelique Smith Photography.

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Such smiles from these two! A sneak peek from Alexia and Craig’s beautiful Rockhaven wedding.

A fresh and delicate spiced iced tea for these last warm autumn days… So pretty in pink! Find the Food Fox’s super recipe here on the inspiring Pretty Blog.

I just couldn’t choose between these two for a sneak peek… Tanya and Mark loving EVERY minute of their wonderful day!

We caught the last rays of light burning orange on these magnificent mountains behind Bakoven! Gorgeous Daniella and Dieter’s sneak peek from their beautiful 12 Apostles wedding. Oh how I love South Africa!