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I must admit that left-over hot cross buns aren’t a huge problem in our house but the Food Fox’s brilliant solution to this problem (in a house that isn’t filled with ganets!), is inspirational!! Little bit of cream, a few eggs, some extra spice, chocolate and orange zest et voila! Find the fab recipe here on the ever wonderful Pretty Blog’s weekly food column. Yum!!

Some beautifully pastel lovebirds for my 400th blog post! Aletia and Thomas’ sneak peek :-)

On a crisp Sunday morning the Food Fox arrived at my house with a car FULL of the most delicious looking goodies!! You can’t be sad working on a weekend if this is what’s on the cards :-D Have a peek over at her site for more info on the recipes she used for her Poetry Stores collaboration. Another super post in a series where she makes dishes from Poetry’s in-store cookbook selection – great idea! Don’t you love the grass bunny?! Wish I could have kept him ;-)

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This is a possibly perfect lunch. Soft, plump gnocchi, creamy exotic mushrooms and crispy sage leaves with generous flakes of parmesan and an even more generous carafe of red wine… What I wouldn’t give for a few days holiday in Italy with my hubby and some time to cook, chat and wander new streets… Find the Food Fox’s super recipe here on the wonderful Pretty Blog.

A little kiss on a big mountain with cowgirl boots on ;-) And drenched in THE most gorgeous late afternoon light… Kate and Riaan, a very special couple…


On the very first day of March, a beautifully warm start to autumn, Nina and Simon were married in the gorgeous boathouse at Rockhaven Farm. I just love everything about this wedding, especially how they had a late lunch reception and just spent the evening dancing – love it!!! It really gave us a great chance to keep the flash photos to a minimum and just use the lovely natural light – and what amazing light they had, especially on the couple shoot! Nina and Simon, I hope you love the photos so much and they bring back the happiest memories of the most stunning, loved-up day… Assisted by the wonderful Claire Harries Photography :-)

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Here’s a little sneak peek of Tanya and Mike’s special bump :-) So much love…

A last ‘hurrah’ to summer…in a bowl :-) With raspberries… Find the Food Fox’s nod to Donna Hay’s zesty pud here on the gorgeous Pretty Blog’s weekly food column. Yum!!

Oh light through olive trees, how do I love thee, let me count the ways… Such minimal editing done to this shot – just a tiny dash of signature colour grading. Gorgeous Nina and Simon.