These two sisters have the most special bond… Even though they live in different countries and continents it’s clear to see their amazing friendship and to know that the distance makes no difference whatsoever to these two :-D Debra and Kenda are the most wonderful girls to spend time with and I’m so thrilled they came up with the idea of a Sisters shoot while Kenda was out visiting earlier this year – it meant a whole afternoon of girly chatter and the most fun, relaxed shoot in ages :-D Thank you so much to the extremely talented Yolande du Toit for the beautiful hair and make-up!

5 Responses to Across the miles

  1. Kenda

    Tasha, you get us and you got us! I love, love, love these shots – the fun we had on the day and the closeness you managed to capture, despite our sometimes awkwardness, and the places that are so special to us… all here! You are gifted and these feel like a gift to us. I will treasure them. Thank you! <3

  2. Jenny Gaynham

    Hi Tasha. Once again you have “captured” my beautiful daughters

  3. Liana Everts

    Stunning pics Kenda. I love it.

  4. Carey Latimore

    I completely agree with what Kenda said and I too feel these images are a gift to those of us who know K and D (and gorgeous Hermanus) – You’ve beautifully captured magical moments between two very special sisters in a very special place – Thank you :)

  5. Fran

    Brilliant shoot all round, by talented and special people all round. Things always work out when good people work together for the common good. Well done to everyone… Beautiful people, beautiful souls, fantastic photographer… fabulous photographs! What more can people want?

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