Some shoots just glide along like butter – the light is perfection, the couple is sooo lovely and there’s a spirit to the day that you just can’t plan for :-D Pippa and Stuart’s Lovebirds engagement shoot was exactly that… The views, the sunset, the love – it’s enough to make your heart so happy in your chest. Enjoy the pics of these two wonderful lovebirds on the absolutely breathtaking Paul Cluver Estate

5 Responses to As the sun sets

  1. Stuart Simpson

    Tasha, WOW, these pics are incredible. Don’t know how we’re going to beat this on our wedding day. You have captured the moment so perfectly – we can’t thank you enough! So talented!!!

    • Tasha

      Oh yayayyyyy, I’m sooooo happy!!! I must say, we’re going to have to work hard on the wedding now – but I’ve no doubt you two will make it just as easy on the big day as on the eshoot! :-D

  2. Bianca Lee

    OMG these are incredible!!!! you guys look Phenomenal. xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Jess Ellis

    Tasha, I knew they would be spectacular of course but these are completely breathtaking of my little sis and new brother. Thank you! So special. My word what a beautiful afternoon. Incredible light. And I just love all the little details; golden grass, sneaky shots in amongst the orchards…perfection. I just love 7 from the top with Stu’s cheeky grin…this is very much ‘them’. I also love that there is a slight Italian vibe to some of them as we spent our first proper time with Stu as a family on a holiday in Italy.

    You just manage to ‘get it’ every time. These photos are Stu and Pippa through and through. Roll on the wedding! Cannot wait!


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