Today I have such a beautiful story to share…Elizabeth and Jordan’s amazing, laughter-filled, tear-filled, family-filled and devotion-filled wedding day. Wow…

I was checking the weather forecast for that weekend in the gorgeous Kouebokkeveld for the week before the wedding and it predicted around 37oC – eeeeek! In the end I think it topped out at around 38oC, but the fire of devotion burned even hotter still :-) These two found each other through their faith and I can see it will guide them and the family they make through an amazing life together! p.s. Jordan is Australian and shared the secrets of the Tim Tam slam with us – you have to try it!! :-D Assisted by the lovely Nicole Rich Photography

Elizabeth and Jordan, I’m so happy to share your precious moments and all these joyful faces as they celebrated with you and wish you so much happiness and strength on all your mission work and life together.

This was the first time I’ve photographed a ‘First Look’! So beautiful and emotional!! 

People who helped to make the day fabulous:

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