Jacqui and Patrick are currently planning their beautiful wedding from different countries! Not even the distance between Aus and South Africa can dampen the bright spirits and radiant smiles of these two though… On their flying visit to the Cape we managed to literally squeeze in a few minutes to photograph a mini Lovebirds eshoot for them – I’m so glad we did!

This was also a great opportunity to bring out my new Sigma 50mm Art lens for a bit of a play – most of this shoot was taken with this little beauty at f1.8 – what a lens!!

6 Responses to From Aus with Love

  1. Irene cowley

    Beautiful photos. Wow thanks Tasha. Soo looking forward to the wedding and meeting you. Irene Jacqui’s mother

    • Tasha

      Thanks so much Irene! Special words mean even more coming from the mother of the bride :-D I’m so looking forward to April already!

  2. Jacqui Pott

    Tasha, these are absolutely stunning! I LOVE THEM! thank you so much! So excited for the wedding now!

  3. Piet and Nora Olivier

    Absolutely stunning,unique

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