The happiest summer picnic and MOST fun couple!! Jean and Rich celebrated their wedding here in Elgin on the gorgeous wine farm South Hill – it was the most relaxed and heartfelt celebration with so many tears and laughs! The food was incredible, the live music so vibey and I can only imagine that the party went on for a long time after I left :-D

What a way to celebrate the start of your lives together, you two!! Thank you SO much for letting me be a part of it!

Assisted by the lovely Illyan Cloete



People who helped to make the day fabulous:


3 Responses to Jean & Richard

  1. Kim

    Jeanie and brother Ricardo!

    Such a beautiful collection of happy pics and memories. Mom and Neelkie look so happy. And I even caught the elusive Pete!

    Wish we could have made it and will catch you guys on the flip side….or have you up for a wild BC canadian adventure.

    Glad the card arrived…a call is in order. But Richard, I may need to set that up with you as we know that may be a tad less successful with Jeanie ;)

    Let’s do it? (You did…! So proud. Congrats!)


  2. Tasha – what to say! These are magnificent! Thank you SO much for capturing this very special day! Thanks as always to all our 3rd party suppliers who made this day so fabulous. And to Jean and Rich – we are so honoured that your chose to spend this beyond awesome day and your families with us! Kevin and Sands xxx Next Christmas at yours??

    • Tasha

      Thanks SO much Sandy!! What lovely words!! I totally agree – we’re all so honoured to be the special chosen ones to share all this! :-D xxx

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