From the first emails and chats it felt like the PERFECT fit with Kate and Chris! Not only did we chat weddings, details and Rockhaven loveliness but also our mutual love of great food! The photos of the rings and shoes in the edible herb garden are my nod to their foodie hearts :-D Chris has turned his brilliant plans into reality and started a food truck in Cape Town for Asian eats and noodles – ooooh!! Go check out whether the Lotus Food Truck will be in your area!

It can’t have been easy fitting the wedding into their lives this past year! They were coming home from Australia, finding new jobs, houses, fitting back in, moving stuff AND planning the big day – not for the feint-hearted!! With the help of special people like Kate’s great friend Fennec of Fox & Co and the amazing team at Rockhaven, they pulled off something wonderful! Hands down the most delightful wedding of 2013! Take a look at the photos… p.s Kate’s ex-ballerina gracefulness is something else… happy sigh…

One of my fave pics from the whole day… a special mum…

It doesn’t get luckier than this on your happy day…

People who helped to make the day fabulous:

6 Responses to Kate & Chris

  1. Anzel

    Exquisite dress! And what a rainbow pic, reminds me of a certain special sunset;-)

  2. Such beautiful photos!

  3. This is a beautiful wedding and beautifully captured xx

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