Kelly and Johann! What can I say that could describe this amazing pair?! You meet lovely people doing the job I do and then you meet gems… Kelly has been a delight from the word go and I’m so honoured to have been there to capture these love-filled moments for them! Plus I’ve never seen a groom love his groom’s present so much in my entire life :-D Yoda cufflinks for the win! Their day was held at the beautiful Montpellier Wine Estate outside Tulbagh, with gorgeous florals¬†by Anli Wahl and exquisite make-up from Iza Cloete!

Kelly and Johann I hope you love these photos as much as I loved being with you both! Biggest hugs! Assisted by the lovely Illyan Cloete.

People who helped to make the day fabulous:


2 Responses to Kelly & Johann

  1. Midge Stone

    Absolutely Beautiful! I could not stop smiling with each picture….I would gladly go back and relive every moment. Thank you for capturing this special couple and their remarkable journey. Their love for each other shone through everyone of your photos as well as everyone there celebrating this special day. The photos of Kelly and Johann…..everyone, family, friends, the flowers, dancing and little Izzy and Aidan…so many moments captured….MAGNIFICENT!

    • Tasha

      I’m so touched by your words Midge, thank you so much!! What a joy to capture this day!! Special ones, these two…

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