If you could bottle and sell the magic connection between these two I think you’d be a very wealthy individual indeed! They are an incredible fit for each other – you can’t help but see it in how they are together and how they look at each other. I couldn’t have been happier with how their love showed on camera and I hope you enjoy this photo story of their exquisite day at the ever beautiful Vrede en Lust put together by the talented team at I Do Box. Laura and Jess, thank you for sharing all this with me! The day could not have been more perfect!

Assisted by the lovely Margriet Vollgraaff from Magpie Photography

People who helped to make the day fabulous:


2 Responses to Laura & Jess

  1. Laura and Jess

    We have no words Tasha! The butterflies, the giddy smiles, the belly-aching laughter, the heart-bursting happiness. You captured it all… perfectly! Thank you for everything.

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