Our yearly play session with Fleur le Cordeur was a mixture of graphic lines, sensuous textures, contrasting monochromes and pops of colour! She wove soft pinks into midnight blacks on stark structures with wild red haired models and breathtakingly beautiful dresses – it was a total feast for my camera! What I love most about this shoot is the simplicity of the elements contrasted against the richness of the details. We had an incredible team providing amazing creations for us to work with – Vagabond Bridal, Secret Diary Stationery, Lisa Brown International, Scape Events, Anura Wine Estate


8 Responses to Magnolia Zen

  1. Carol

    Wow Tasha, mindblowingly BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Yasmin Schrueder

    This shoot is so beautiful! Great concept and impeccable execution by the suppliers!

  3. Absolutely STUNNING!!!!! I’m in awe!

  4. Judith

    Takes my breath away, just stunning. How on earth did you get the photo with the billowing dress done? Absolutely beautiful.

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