On the most blustery day in December, the very last day of the whole year, Natalie and Nick were joined by all the most precious people in their lives to celebrate their wedding in true New Year’s Eve style! Lots of laughter, great wine and a tent full of happy hubbub! South Hill here in Elgin hosted the party perfectly, backed up by super delicious food from the talented chefs at the Lotus Food Truck. The kaleidoscope of colours and farm fresh flowers were put together beautifully by 4 Every Event (who were also there at 1am the night before to fix burst water pipes and electricity outages – what a team!). Hum a happy theme song for this wedding as you go through the photos – it was such an upbeat day! Assisted by the lovely Angelique Smith Photography See Natalie and Nick’s fun photo booth pics here!

10 Responses to Natalie & Nick

  1. Jacky Brown

    Absolutely stunning Tasha!

  2. Jessica Boshoff

    Wow am so impressed they turned out absolutely amazing and you really captured everyone’s expressions of happiness. Job well done!!!

  3. Natalie Trutwien (Brown)

    Fantastic pictures, the are lovely :-)


  4. Stu Brown

    Wow, what a wedding and what great photo’s , well done Tasha!

    Congrats to Nick and Nat again, hope everyone is well.


  5. Absolutely stunning pics of a great wedding – thanks Tash! xxx

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