This really was one of the most relaxed weddings I’ve shot in such a long time – a real treat to just go with the happy flow of the day and capture the moments passing by. Nicola and Nick came out from their UK base for our first meeting over some of the bad weather spells we had last year and try as we might to find a date that wasn’t raining for their Lovebirds Engagement shoot it just wasn’t meant to be… Nevertheless these two took to having cameras around on their wedding day with perfect aplomb and I’m so grateful I got to share their phenomenal day at Rockhaven! Theresa from Creation Events Co-ordination put the whole day together beautifully and I so look forward to working with her again. Assisted by the lovely Kristi Agier Photography.

Hahaaa, the bridesmaids had bought massive ethnic-styley earrings to wind Nicola up – she was very diplomatic, I must say, until the joke was out! :-D


People who helped to make the day fabulous:

13 Responses to Nicola & Nick

  1. Tasha you captured the day beautifully. Feels like I am back there again…such an amazing pleasure to have worked with you. x

  2. Janet Waite

    Thank you these are wonderful and capture the day perfectly. Wonderful job Tasha.
    Kind regards Janet

    • Tasha

      Thank you so much Janet! What a fantastic day – I’m so thrilled to have been there with Nicola and Nick to capture the memories! tx

  3. Nicola - the bride!

    They are absolutely stunning. So lovely to relive the day all over again and you captured the day and mood so perfectly. Thanks so much for putting us at ease and being a part of our day. X

    • Tasha

      Yayyyyy Nicola!!! WHAT a total pleasure – you guys were so chilled and the day was such a happy success!! More piccies coming your way :-) txx

  4. A fabulous record of a fairy tale event in the lives of the FREEBORN and WAITE family history. Thanks and best wishes to all who shared the week and wedding event with us and to all those who contributed in any way to make it possible.
    Well planned & done Nicola & Nick!

  5. Very best wishes to Janet and Graham for welcoming Nick as your son in law.
    It was a delight for us to meet the extended Waite family.

  6. Tasha you are so very talented! I just love your work, so beautiful and crisp and all round gorgeousness! such a stunning wedding x

  7. These are gorgeous, Tasha! You really have captured the day perfectly. It was a joy working with you and Kristi. Hope to see you again soon, especially since all of us are now living in the Overberg :)

    • Tasha

      Ah wonderful!! You’re JUST what the Overberg needs!! I think we’ll definitely be seeing each other again soon! Thanks so much for the kind words :-) tx

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