On the very first day of March, a beautifully warm start to autumn, Nina and Simon were married in the gorgeous boathouse at Rockhaven Farm. I just love everything about this wedding, especially how they had a late lunch reception and just spent the evening dancing – love it!!! It really gave us a great chance to keep the flash photos to a minimum and just use the lovely natural light – and what amazing light they had, especially on the couple shoot! Nina and Simon, I hope you love the photos so much and they bring back the happiest memories of the most stunning, loved-up day… Assisted by the wonderful Claire Harries Photography :-)


People who helped to make the day fabulous:

5 Responses to Nina and Simon

  1. Anzel

    Probably one of the pretties brides yet! Love the pictures Tasha!

  2. Gorgeous – loved the veil photos and the cat following on the path ! Stunning as always Tash !

  3. Toni Theron

    Oh my goodness! All of my brides look gorgeous on their big days but you Nina, you took my breathe away! I think you sported your gorgeous lashes better than anyone else I’ve seen! Absolutely stunning!

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