So it was a gentle spring day with a salt-tanged breeze and gulls cawing overhead. Rene and Dirk wanted to shoot around the gorgeous Waterfront in Cape Town as that’s where he proposed and started this wonderful story off! There was a helicopter, a candlelit dinner and a diamond ring involved – sjo, that’s one romantic hubby-to-be!!!

Beautiful September light mixed with greys, blues and a touch of coral red made for sublimely happy and calm photographs. Enjoy!

Rene and Dirk, your beautiful wedding is almost here!

4 Responses to On the dock of the bay

  1. Renate Thompson

    How gorgeous are these people!??! Love these shots Tasha!
    Used to work at the Waterfront (short trip down memory lane for me)

  2. Rene Pauw

    To say you were born to do this is an understatement! You give meaning to the term professional photographer! You are beauty! You are an artist! You see the possible shots before they are there. You make the shots! You are amazing! You make everything possible with your guidance and fabulous personality. Honestly, you made us so comfortable at the Waterfront which has like millions of people, yet it felt as if it were only us there. Thank you, thank you!

    • Tasha

      Rene!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have seriously made my year with SUCH a beautiful comment!!!!! It means so much!!! Thank you for being awesome, fun, feisty, gorgeous and such a pleasure to work with… Big hugs!!! xxxxx

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