I’m sooooo happy to share this gorgeous wedding!!! Pips and Stu felt like immediate friends the minute I met them :-D I know and adore her gorgeous sister Jess through other mutual friends and times we’ve worked together in the wedding industry, so all in all this feels almost like something of a family wedding for me! Pippa was a total vision in THE most gorgeous dress and the day was styled and run beautifully at lovely Rockhaven! Well done to Theresa from Creation Events , the Rockhaven team and the talented duo at Ecozest for the truly magnificent and meticulous flowers and decor. Take some time to have a look through the photo story of their happiest day… Pips and Stu, thank you x1000000 for having me around to share all this!! Assisted by the lovely Tanith Muller.

Move over Daniel Craig ;-D

People who helped to make the day fabulous:

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  1. Jess Ellis

    Well you’ve really done it Tasha! I am a complete wreck after going through those and reading you lovely intro… tears in my eyes and the biggest smile across my face! Words cannot describe these photos and the story they tell of one of the best days of my life, seeing my little sis and Stu get married. You have captured everything so incredibly perfectly and I can just feel, all over again, the happiness we all felt that day. I had wished I could go back to relive it all again in slow motion and this has been made possible by going through your photographs. Thank you thank you thank you.

    So many special ones…the boys laughing getting ready, steam cat Stu in black and white (!!), the sister hug (agh there are the tears again!), the bridesmaids giggles, Stu inspecting the ‘sequins’, Cheryl mopping a tear, Aunt Sarah’s standing ovation, dad and Pippa dancing, countless capturing the exceptional flowers by my special friends DP and Hannes, and the numerous ones of friends and family. Gosh I have the most beautiful sister! I love them all! You are just so incredible at what you do and even more than that your humility and kindness are evident in every pic.

    We cannot thank you enough.

    Love Jess

    • Tasha

      Jess… you know I’m teary now!!!!! You guys have made it awesome, fun and full of style – and a lot of laughs from the word ‘go’! Your beautiful words will stay with me…

    • Jess Ellis

      Damn, I left so many other faves out….

      Mum, Pippa and I laughing, Ross fumbling at the ceremony, lovely natural one of Stu crouched down, Mum and dad in amongst the crowds, kisses at sunset, and I don’t know how I didn’t comment on it above…that photo of Pippa framed by the window (sigh)….

      I know the next time I look I will be adding to the list : )


  2. WOOOOOOOOOW guuuuuuuys!!!!!!!!! These are OUT OF THIS WORLD GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Amazing amazing amazing!

  3. WOWZERS! Amazing work Tasha!

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