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Getting through your amazing wedding day is a whirlwind of adrenaline, happy tears, and butterflies and it requires the¬†ability to calmly navigate more than a little bit of chaos – try doing that in 43oC heat in the middle of Tulbagh’s heat wave of 2015 in a wedding dress and suit and you’ll start to appreciate how incredible Kelly and Dean are. They looked cool as a cucumber the whole way through!! My fantastic assistant Tobias gave up his New Year’s eve AND his birthday to melt alongside me under a mountain of kit, tripods and reflectors. What a sacrifice!! But we made it through and what a day it was! Olive Rock never disappoints, even in blistering heat and the team there, lead by Simone and Nick, rolled out a celebration to remember! Enjoy the heat hazed photos of this party that started a new family :-D

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This may be one of my favourite bridal shots of 2015… Gorgeous gorgeous Kelly…

Ooooohh, a sneak peek that makes me deeply happy… Stunning Kelly and her new husband Dean :-)