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So it’s the end of the wedding year and there’s some breathing space to reflect on everything that has passed this last twelve months – wow!!

I adore collating some of my favourite moments from the year’s wonderful weddings and each year I take some time to highlight some of my favourite    black and white images altogether. I hope you enjoy these photos…

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I so enjoyed sharing a cross section of black and white photos last year that I thought I would put together a few favourites of mine from this last season to end this year off… I hope you enjoy these little slices of wedding life :-)

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Black and white photographs aren’t always an easy sell… It’s sad to say, but it’s understandable why colour images are so much more of a real reflection of the day. But looking from a photographers point of view I find so much to love in a beautiful, evocative monochrome image and I wanted to take a little time to share some of my favourites from the past few years. I hope you love these moment as much as I do…

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I cherish this downtime before season really kicks off again. Another wedding photographer said it best when he said that you need to take time to work ON your business as well as IN your business. He’s absolutely right.

This is the time I get to consider where my beloved little business is going and how the last season went. It’s a great point to stop and gather together some of my own favourite images from the weddings that have flown by as I start working on a bit of a website update and new portfolio.  It’s been a phenomenal season and I’ve met the most amazing couples who made me laugh and cry (tears of joy!!) and get almost as excited as they do about this momentous day in their lives. Maybe it sounds cliched – I don’t care ;-)

I’ve had the opportunity to do some mentoring which has taught me so much about my own ideology and shown me how much I enjoy teaching. I’ve had the most happy-making good fortune to continue working with two phenomenally talented women on the Food Fox’s weekly recipe column on the Pretty Blog – Ilse and Nicola – and seen the tenacity, hard work and creativity they both put into their businesses. This year has given me the chance to work with so many incredible service providers – the best of the best (imho ;-)) assistants, wedding co-ordinators, florists (rather we should call them flower artists??), venues and so many others.

I’ve seen new little lives, excited parents-to-be and growing families and made so many friends! I’ve met other photographers who are also travelling down the same crazy road and had a chance to bond over chats about the greater arc of the industry as well as the minutiae of the day to day that makes up our lives ‘with cameras’. All in all it’s been wonderful, emotional, trying, rewarding and pretty much exactly what I want to be doing with my days. I feel so lucky and so grateful. Thank you to everyone who has been part of the joy…

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