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As often as we try new recipes for food and bake interesting cakes and other goodies, we so seldom think to try recipes for new drinks! (Or is that just me??) I love the idea of personalising your tipple and this is a super easy way to start! Just a bit of delish red muscadel, some soda water, fresh mint and strawberries! Easy peasy right? Find out what the Food Fox has to say about this sparkling cocktail here on the lovely Pretty Blog’s weekly food column :-)

Did you see the lovely breakfast recipe for poached summer fruit with spiced yoghurt on the Pretty Blog last week? Ilse van der Merwe from the Food Fox made the most delectably soft and sumptuous mix of cape fruits that she poached in a heavenly vanilla syrup and drizzled with thick cool yoghurt spiced with cinnamon and cardamom (my favourite spice!). This is the good stuff!

I know this is an old ‘un, but for the sake of mixing it up on the new blog I thought I would have a bit of a nostalgic post today. These are photos I took last year for the totally awesome ‘Gordon Manuel @ the Venue’. Gordon and Emma are based at the wine farm South Hill in the Elgin Valley and their delicious, lick-your-plate-clean food will blow you away! Guys out there – Gordon has a way with meat second to none – – don’t say I didn’t tell you!

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