The speeches at Tanya and Mark’s wedding made me laugh to tears and gave me such a good glimpse into this fun, happy, adventurous couple’s lives! They’ve taken on so much together and managed to plan this whole beautiful day from overseas with the fantastic guidance and hands-on creative help of Cara from The Mosaic Wedding Company! I can imagine even getting so many lovely family members and friends out from overseas must have been a challenge in itself, but I get the feeling these two are a match for anything!! What a gorgeous day it turned out to be – my first wedding at Molenvliet in Stellenbosch and my first time almost bumping into a wild pig and her babies while I was scouting for the couple shoot! Hahaa! What a day :-D Tanya and Mark, I loved every minute and am so grateful for the chance to spend this time capturing you both as you embark on the next big adventure!

People who helped to make the day fabulous:

6 Responses to Tanya & Mark

  1. dervil ann fleming

    Absolutely amazing. Every single photo. Well done you captured every moment. Love them.all

  2. Aileen Curtayne

    Fantastic photos. I’m Dervil’s sister and Tanya’s aunt. I was at the wedding. Thank you doing such a beautiful job. 😃👍

  3. Richard Walls

    Tasha, I have never seen photographs that capture both the atmosphere and the love that two people have for each other as well as your photographs. You truly have an amazing talent and thank you so much for capturing our memories so well.

    Thank you

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