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The speeches at Tanya and Mark’s wedding made me laugh to tears and gave me such a good glimpse into this fun, happy, adventurous couple’s lives! They’ve taken on so much together and managed to plan this whole beautiful day from overseas with the fantastic guidance and hands-on creative help of Cara from The Mosaic Wedding Company! I can imagine even getting so many lovely family members and friends out from overseas must have been a challenge in itself, but I get the feeling these two are a match for anything!! What a gorgeous day it turned out to be – my first wedding at Molenvliet in Stellenbosch and my first time almost bumping into a wild pig and her babies while I was scouting for the couple shoot! Hahaa! What a day :-D Tanya and Mark, I loved every minute and am so grateful for the chance to spend this time capturing you both as you embark on the next big adventure!

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I just couldn’t choose between these two for a sneak peek… Tanya and Mark loving EVERY minute of their wonderful day!

This is a bit of a different sneak peek! This gorgeous couple, my ultimate foodie bride and groom, went straight from the church to get an ice cream and beer from the wonderful Fanny Chanel at Schoon de Companje – seriously, how much do I love these two?!?! p.s We got ice creams too! ;-)

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Oh the sweet tears, long hugs and gentle gracefulness that made up so much of Andrea and Alex’s beautiful wedding day at Knorhoek… These two are definitely crafted of the same celestial cloth (listen, I’m feeling inspired!) and destined for a happy lifetime together! Thank youuuu Andrea and Alex for letting me follow you through these hours to witness your new beginning… I hope you love the photographs and they bring special times back to life for years to come! Thank you so much to the wonderful Michelle Parkin Photography for assisting.

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Oh my faint heart, we’ve had some incredible light this season!! Gorgeous Andrea and Alex’s sneak peek…

Jenna emailed me a long while back to share a bit about their fairytale romance and how Philipp proposed after only having spent twenty one days together! She said ‘when you know you know’ and it couldn’t have been more obvious how perfect these two are for each other at the wedding! A very special bond… They shared their celebrations with family and friends from out here in South Africa and from Philipp’s home country Austria. Tokara was such a beautiful setting and backdrop for so much emotion and happy festivities! Enjoy the photos of this beautiful couple – inside and out!! Assisted by the lovely Illyan Cloete.

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A smile to light Philipp’s heart :-D

This one needs to be wall size… Gorgeous Jenna and Philipp…

My wedding was in winter so shoots like these hold a special significance for me :-) I got married in the Drakensberg mountains on a crisp July morning and the light was calm and low and all the colours were greys, browns and silvers in the fields and on the hills. I love this shoot we did with Fleur le Cordeur for Wedding Inspirations magazine so much!! What a beautiful vision she had for mixing so many elements and textures – natural and glamourous… I hope you enjoy the photos. Stunning installations, furniture, lighting and decor from Something Different Concepts and Shows. Breath-taking make-up and hair from the one and only talent Yolande du Toit. Swoon-worthy dresses and boas from Kobus Dippenaar Atelier and perfectly exquisite stationery from the awesome White Kite Studio. Our models were beautiful Valery Zelenyuk and Silke Viljoen and we shot at 401 Rozendal and they were such a pleasure to work with! Behind the scenes pics were taken by Chantall Marshall Photography. We were also lucky enough to have the shoot featured on the beautiful Pretty Blog :-)

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My job is essentially an incredibly optimistic one. There really is a lot of love and so many happy connections out there in the world that I get to see… I know a lot of life is hard and demanding, but it’s an amazing thing to be able to witness this energised and inspiring time in two peoples lives when they can’t hide their adoration for each other or how excited they are for their future. I know these two, Margot and Leonard, will carry that beautiful spirit forward into their marriage together.

Margot, you have a 1000w smile and you and Leonard have been a joy to spend time with! I look foward to each of your lovely emails and I hope you love these photos and feel that they’re a wonderful start of your photo story with me which carries on in November! tx

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I love so many pics from Margot and Leonard’s Lovebirds engagement shoot, mostly for Margot’s incredible smile and the beautiful woods we found to shoot in, but I’m choosing this for the sneak peek because of the simple perfection of winter textures and it’s such a tender moment between these two… More photos coming soon!

This is the wedding I’ve been waiting for all season… because I just love this amazing family!! And I’m SOOOO delighted/ honoured/ overwhelmed/ crazy happy to have been a part of such a special life mark for Silke, Brink and all their loved ones. Just as I knew it would be the whole day was the most perfect mixture of down to earth beauty and laid back happy charm – no drama and only the happiest tears. It’s just how a wedding should be…

Silke has been a model for us so many times in the styled shoot collaborations that I’ve shot with her sister Heike from Fleur le Cordeur, but it was so wonderful to photograph her on her actual wedding day and watch the real delight and happiness truly show through. She was radiant… I hope you all enjoy the photos of this amazing couple and the day they started their new family.

The stunning venue was 401 Rozendal and of course the breathtaking flowers were crafted by Fleur le Cordeur. Yolande du Toit (dream team make up artist!) was on hair and make up and I was assisted by the lovely Angelique Smith Photography.

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Silke, you are radiant… After so many wonderful shoots together this is the real dress, the real flowers and the real moment. And it shows…

Kate and Riaan… These two deserved this sunset…

Kerry and Simon flew out to the Cape, an Australian girl and a South African boy, for the most beautiful Stellenbosch day to celebrate their Zorgvliet wedding. And the winelands were at their best!! They were guests at another of my happy weddings and I love being part of a continuing story, especially as I got to see my other lovely couple Karen and Doug (and baby bump) at the ceremony :-) Kerry and Simon’s wedding was such a calm and joyful affair (until the party later!!) – really the best way to kick off my beautiful 2015 weddings! Thank you two so much for having me along and for making it so lovely and easy to document the beginning of your happy marriage!! Assisted by the lovely Illyan Cloete.

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