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I love so many pics from Margot and Leonard’s Lovebirds engagement shoot, mostly for Margot’s incredible smile and the beautiful woods we found to shoot in, but I’m choosing this for the sneak peek because of the simple perfection of winter textures and it’s such a tender moment between these two… More photos coming soon!

The very last click of the camera on Saturday’s eshoot  :-) The serene and gorgeous Claudine…

There’s still a nip in the air as winter winds down and a quietness out here in Elgin that you never get at any other time of year. The ground is still sleepy and spring still a few weeks off. I love shooting during winter (when it isn’t raining ;-)) because of the calm colours and low skies that diffuse the light so beautifully -you always get the best and gentlest skin tones during winter shoots. Anchen, Brandon and I drove all the way up to the top of Elgin to Mofam River Lodge for their Lovebirds engagement shoot and found the most magnificent river’s edge waiting for us! It felt like we had found a little bit of the American Rocky mountains, complete with fishermen on the lake, plaid shirts, cut logs and pine forests :-) I just LOVE this shoot and I hope you all enjoy the photos from my first session of the season! Anchen and Brandon, I can’t wait for a totally different vibe at your 12 Apostles wedding in November!! I hope you guys love the pics :-)… Make-up by the wonderfully talent Marli Basson.

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